Tapes: Sound of Pig Music (2023)

Sound of Pig Music

The label Sound of Pig Music has been run by Al Margolis (If Bwana, Pogus Music, ...) convinced not only with great music, but also with massive output. Many call him the "Cassette Godfather"!

(Video) Various - Belial - Cassette (Sound Of Pig 1986)

I met Al 1986 in NYC - on a place I forget - not only to meet him in person, but also to concuct a video interview with him. At that time, I was very impressed by his clear musical focus and confused too that a single man can handle such a huge output of tapes. And the output continued to grow massively later. His later releases on Pogus (on CD) I appreciate very much, some even take me completely. Because it's hard to believe my words, I copy/pasted all SoP tape releases to this page. (Wolfgang Dorninger)

Maybe you still can buy SoP tapes via Pogus Production. For sure you can buy new stuff by Al Margolis and Pogus Productions there.

Al Margolis
c/o POGUS Productions
50 Ayr Road
Chester, NY 10918-2409
United States of America

(Video) Illusion Of Safety - Repairs - Cassette (Sound Of Pig 1988)

Tapes: Sound of Pig Music (1)

Tapes: Sound of Pig Music (2)

Tapes: Sound of Pig Music (3)

(Video) Various - Ha! Ha! Among The Trumpets - Cassette (Sound Of Pig 1986)

Cat. No. / Artist - Composer Title / Description Cass.

SOP 1 Slave Ant Raid - Compilation Sartorial Correctness; Paranoid Systems of History; SMERSH; Buckets; Sadistic Gossip; If, Bwana; Half Japanese; Senseless Hate; Jumbo Zen; Haters; Walls of Genius C60
SOP 2 Sombrero Galaxy C60
SOP 3 Pursuit Of Happiness - Compilation diaTribe; Ken Clinger; Gordon Forster; Audio Leter; Slab; Fundamentalists; Beat Happening; Port Said; Dead Art; Algebra Suicide; Harvey Taylor and Friends; Psyclones; Klystron; Tara Cross; Sombrero Galaxy C60
SOP 4 If, Bwana Freudian Slip C60
SOP 5 Billy Club Puppet Almost Dread Inna Belltown C30
SOP 6 Aural Fixation - Compilation Psychological Warfare Branch; Sleepless Knights; Savage Republic; Abstract Belief; Schlafengarten; Girls On Fire; Theatre of Ice; Youth Hostel; Dreamhouse; Chris Gross; SMERSH; Haters; F/i C60
SOP 7 Gregor Jamroski Vagabondage C45
SOP 8 If, Bwana Sex, Insanity, Death C60
SOP 9 der Akteur Rockery C60
SOP 10 Beyond Step One - Compilation Slab; Viscera; Enstruction; Het Zweet; Unovidual; Muslimgauze; F/i; ABC Mutes; X Ray Pop; Los Monos; Psychodrama; Wade Tucker; Billy Club Puppet; Sharon Gannon; Walls of Genius C60
SOP 11 War Is The Health Of The State - Compilation DZ Lectric & Anton Shield; Bocal 5; Problemist; The Sonic Excorcists; Zanstones; Ken Clinger; Ceramic Madonna Head; Schlafengarten; If, Bwana; die desultorische Detonation KG; Mystery Hearsay; der Akteur C60
SOP 12 Sombrero Galaxy Funktual Intercourse C60
SOP 13 Missing Children - Compilation Stress; Black Iron Prison; Face Cancer; The Water Chutes; Victor Nubla; Gregor Jamroski; A Naked Kiss; Jeffrey Morgan; Randy Greif; John Hudak; Data-Bank-A; Haters; Attrition; Psychological Warfare Branch C60
SOP 14 Costes Younki C60
SOP 15 Scary World - Compilation Minoy; Le Syndicat; Blackhouse; Skoptzies; Josef K. Noyce; Voidkampf; Monochrome Bleu; Psyclones; No Unauthorized; Room 291 C60
SOP 16 Zeitgeist And The Seven Year Itch C60
SOP 17 Ha! Ha! Among The Trumpets - Compilation La Otra Cara De Un Jardin; Herself; Francisco Lopez; Arms of Someone New; Nomuzic; Dega-Ray; TheHorseHe'sSick; Zusammenwachsen; Man's Hate; Blackhouse; Linea Tactica; John Wiggins; R. S. Pearson; Psychodrama; 37 Pink C60
SOP 18 The Long March - Compilation Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl; Absolute Body Control; Maniacs; Industrial Sponge; Croiners; Dennis Carleton; Human Flesh; Algebra Suicide; Theatre of Ice; Famlende Forsok; Pascal Massun C60
SOP 19 Dog As Master An Organized Accident C60
SOP 20 Nails 0f Christ Dark Night of the Soul C30
SOP 21 D.Z. Lectric Russo-American Songs C30
SOP 22 R.S. Pearson After the Crayon Rains C60
SOP 23 Divlne BURDEN - Compilation A compilation from the Seattle area with: Pangea; Jeffrey Morgan; Robin James; New Art Orchestra; Bruce Bjerke; Harlen Mark Vale; New Simple Nation C60
SOP 24 P.S. Bingo/If, Bwana C90
SOP 25 Joe Humble C60
SOP 26 Schlafengarten Spring Cleaning C30
SOP 27 Belial - Compilation Mygel; Last Exit; Virullex; Mesh; Final Crusade; Death Mag 25; The Grey Wolves C60
SOP 28 Destined T0 Decay - Compilation Last Exit; City of the Red Lights; Mesh; Family Patrol Group; Final; Opera for Infantry; Con Dom; The Grey Wolves; Crusade; Mindless Scum; Ashenden; Death Mag 25; Virullex; Unkommunity; DeadPulp C90
SOP 29 Gregor Jamroski Shadows As Memories/Echoes As Pasts C90
SOP 29A Sight Wounded (Includes booklet) Double cassette C30
SOP 30 Qwa Digs Never Parish The Wakests C90
SOP 31 Nomuzic Bum C60
SOP 32 Crawling With Tarts PhAIYKOUIG C60
SOP 33 Nao Melodies C46 SOP 34 The Haters Future Cheers C60
SOP 35 Enstruction Instruction for Children C60
SOP 36 H.G. Wells Before the Abyss, This/Pop Hits C60
SOP 37 Interum: The Pacific Northwest Experimental Project The Gray Bards of Nexhagus; Irish Potato Famine; Sinners In Seasonal Death; Harold Arthur McNeill; Sine Wave; Strength Through Joy; H.G. Wells; Theater of Cruelty; Enstruction; Wake UpWith Tim!; Chamber Music; The Vomit Eaters; The Throw Ups; Babyjesushitler; Rob Angus; Gregor Jamroski; VCM; Kevin, Dan & Rob; R. S. Pearson; Praepotens Clamour; Jeff Greinke; Rob Angus-Jeff Greinke C60
SOP 38 The New Age Movement The Army of God C60
SOP 39 Big City Orchestra/Death Ranch Massacre of the Innocents C90
SOP 40 X Ray Pop Poems From France C60
SOP 41 X Ray Pop French Cabaret C60
SOP 42 The World Does Not Fit On A 21 Screen - Compilation The Invisible Generation; The Fundamentalists; Amor Fati; Recursos Ajenos; Merz; Frank Kogan; 1348; RadioPrague; Bliss; Roberta Eklund; Unovidual; Blechtrommel; Audio Leter C60
SOP 43 Carnival - Compilation If, Bwana/Nomuzic; Sharon Gannon/David Life; Capt. Dunbar & Zanstones; Jonathon X & Black Heat; Qwa Digs Under Paris; De Fabriek; Body Without Organs; Baby 63; Crawling With Tarts; Mekanik K.; Comando Bruno; Doc Pilot; X Ray Pop; F/i C60
SOP 44 Eric Muhs Alligator Wrestling C60
SOP 45 Eric Muhs Ring of Tape! C60
SOP 46 Swinebolt 45 C60
SOP 47 Jeffrey Morgan Ancestral Dances C60
SOP 48 Big Red Stain La Otra Cara De Un Jardin Chronicle of Consumptive Irritation Brikollage C60
SOP 49 Het Zweet C60
SOP 50 Psyclones Son Ov Cult Leader C60
SOP 51 Nature And Organisation Third Terminal Position C60
SOP 52 Zanstones Zest / Frilled Godwinkle C60
SOP 53/Z77 Sound Of Zidpigtones Silk Sows Suffering Symbolic Situations C30
SOP 54 The All New Rad Sounds Of Pigshit In Your Ears C30
SOP 55 Alien Planetscapes Children of Slaves C90
SOP 56 Dave Prescott Active Resistors C60
SOP 57 Jamroski & Calcagno Constant Drudgery Is Dangerous to Soul, Spirit and Health C90
SOP 58 Nails Ov Christ Punishment Is Correction C30
SOP 59 Birth Of Tragedy Death Survives C30
SOP 61 Wake Up With Tim/Theory
SOP 62 Minoy Pretty Young Negro Man C60
SOP 63 The Paisley-Hued Eucalyptus Corkscrew Pavilion she explodes and the morning is filled with the fragrance of fresh tea… C46 SOP 64 Thick Slimy Whisper Live at Fashion Moda C60
SOP 65 Northern California Is A Noisy Place Indeed -Compilation Schlafengarten, O (Null Set), Box 0' Laffs, Thessalonians, AMK, Monks of Doom, Johnny Primitive, Kingshouse, Psyclones & Schlafengarten, Big City Orchestra, Negativland, Crawling With Tarts C60
SOP 66 Dog As Master Brash Pussy C60
SOP 67 RLM Epic Proportions C90
SOP 68 Micrart - Compilation Twilight Ritual, Syndrome, Autumn, Linear Movement, Unovidual C60
SOP 69 Cool & The Clones Learn to Play C90
SOP 70 Dave Prescott X Factor C60
SOP 71 Screaming 'Alas' She Died Laughing - Compilation Featuring: Costes Cassette, The Ascetic Force, Chris Gross, Joe Humble, Linea Tactica, Swinebolt 45, The Arms of Someone New, Zusammenwachsen, Mental Anguish, Donald Campau, Faded Glory, Catharsist, Pointless, Bogart, Didier Mouliner, P.S. Bingo C60
SOP 72 Wall Of Genius Ludovico Treatment C90
SOP 73 Jeffrey Morgan Desert Inn of Trinidad C60
SOP 74 Thick Slimy Whisper/Qwa Digs Never Parish Teenage Pop Songs C90
SOP 75 Joseph Nechvatal Babbling Tongues of Metamorphoses C60
SOP 77 Morphogenesis C90
SOP 78 AS IF(Squared)BWANA Damp C90
SOP 79 P.S. Bingo Sludge Mountain C60
SOP 80 Croiners Learning to Live with Croiners C60
SOP 81 Irish Potato Famine Prerequisite to Enlightenment C60
SOP 82 Master/Slave Relationship Darkness C60
SOP 83 Cephalic Index Crieblood C60
SOP 84 Abner Malaty Fragments from the Semi-Structure C60
SOP 85 Mortification To The Flesh Live-Studio C60
SOP 86 Viktimized Karcass Skinned Alive C90
SOP 87 Deaf Lions Copia C60
SOP 88 Binge C60
SOP 89 Bogart/Per Theobaldt Leadership C60
SOP 90 Empty Shadows - compilation With Master/SlaveRelationship, Bruno Cossano, 1348, Shut-Up, Mario Marzidovsek, Kapotte Muziek, Jarboe, Urbain Autopsy, Joseph Nechvatal, Tone Poets, Cheryl Sobas/Larry Olsen. C60
SOP 91 Costes Cassette An Happy-Go-Lucky Native C30
SOP 92 L.G. Mair, Jr. In the Caverns of the Dead C90
SOP 93 Space Station Studio Presents The Baby M Trial 2x C90
SOP 94 Malok And Aquatics Ever Tarnish Flitgas C60
SOP 95 Aquatics Ever Tarnish Capture Stockhausen C60
SOP 96 Minoy Plain Wrap Purgatory C60
SOP 97 Go Potty This Right After This C60
SOP 98 Johnny Switchblade The Detachable Prostitute C60
SOP 99 Clank Alpha C60
SOP 100 If, Bwana (Al Margolis) They Call Me Bwana C60
SOP 101 Masters of Ub - Thus Far We Learn compilation Minoy, Controlled Bleeding, De Fabriek, X-Ray Pop, Dave Prescott, etc. C90
SOP 102 Dada Frolic 5 Way Music C60
SOP 103 Mystery Hearsay Imminent Warning C60
SOP 104 Mystery X C90
SOP 105 Tom Burris Boxes C60
SOP 106 Evan Cantor Just Sittin' Around the House C30
SOP 107 Jittery Sphincter Laboratories Invocation C60
SOP 108 Little Fyodor Slither / Sloth C30
SOP 109 If, Bwana (Al Margolis) Beware the Sleeping Squid C60
SOP 110 Pagan Agents Live at the New Melody C60
SOP 112 Context Product 24-Structures C60
SOP 113 Brian Charles Crystal Forest C60
SOP 114 Jack Wright / Andreas Stehle Everybody Loves Texas C45
SOP 115 If, Bwana (Al Margolis) / Enstruction Synthesis C60
SOP 116 Dave Prescott Red Shift 3 C60
SOP 117 Earnest Woodall Haut Monde C45
SOP 118 Big City Orchestra Mile After Mile C60
SOP 119 Drew Dobbs Sophisticated Savage C60
SOP 120 Room 291 6 Feet of Glass C60
SOP 121 Violence & the Sacred Arkinoid C60
SOP 122 Bored Young Men Is Crude Ok C60
SOP 123 Ken Clinger 0 - 21 (Plus) C90
SOP 124 John Hudak Blackening C60
SOP 125 Domaine Poetique Great Many C60
SOP 126 Hands To Fingers Breath C60
SOP 127 Mental Anguish Time Stands Still C60
SOP 128 XTSW Bridge C60
SOP 129 City of Worms Crumnants C90
SOP 130 Johnson Forest Tendency Music for the End of the World C90
SOP 131 Crawling With Tarts Boots C60
SOP 132 Barney Jones Omega 3 C90
SOP 133 Audio Leter / Fake Feelings Institute Present C60
SOP 134 Clank Beta C90
SOP 135 New Art Orchestra NAO II C60
SOP 136 Jeffrey Morgan Sidewalk Collectables C60
SOP 138 Merz Archivo Secreto C60
SOP 139 Kevin, Dan & Rob A Life in the Life C60
SOP 140 Joseph Nechvatal Sleep? C60
SOP 141 John Hudak Mover Head C60
SOP 142 Domaine Poetique Exhale Slowly C60
SOP 143 Teen Lesbians & Animals Superinfections C60
SOP 144 Stanlow Crickets Navigation of Loplop C60
SOP 145 Spheric Corner C60
SOP 146 Dave Prescott Thin Veils: Heaven in Hell C60
SOP 148 X Ray Pop Dirty Love C60
SOP 149 Autopsia In Vivo C60
SOP 150 XTSW Radio One C60
SOP 151 Baby Jesushitler Soldier Boy C15 SOP 152 A Very Large Array (compilation) SBOTHI, BCO, Theatre of Ice, Due Process, Cool & the Clones, etc. C60
SOP 153 John Eberly Shove C60
SOP 154 Bocal 5 Live C60
SOP 155 Alien Planetscapes Space Rock '88 C60
SOP 156 MAMI (Minoy / Margolis) The Trauma of Industrial Etiquette C30
SOP 157 1348 14f13 C90
SOP 158 Bocal 5 From Bocal 5 to X Ray Pop C60
SOP 159 Amy Denio Never Too Old To Pop A Hole C60
SOP 160 Amy Denio No Elevators C60
SOP 161 Adam Bohman / If, Bwana (Al Margolis) A Graceful and Ancient Art C60
SOP 162 D. Clark / W. Drake Vacuuming Your Left Shadow C60
SOP 163 PBK PBK III - Poetry and Motion C60
SOP 164 Disco Splendor Heteroglossia C60
SOP 165 Disco Splendor Mythology C60
SOP 166 If,Bwana Organ Life C60
SOP 167 Helltown, Inc. This Too Shall Pass C60
SOP 168 Joseph Nechvatal & Tron Von Hollywood New York Radio Night C60
SOP 169 Hands To Christage C60
SOP 170 Cancerous Growth Growth on the Beach C90
SOP 171 D. Clark / W. Drake Escort Escargots C60
SOP 172 D. Clark / W. Drake Textures of Age C60
SOP 173 D. Clark / W. Drake The Tibetan Book of Heads C90
SOP 174 J. Morgan / J. Willett Dragonfly C60
SOP 175 Morgan / Reams / Nikias / Horn The Mother - In - Laws House C60
SOP 176 Sound Theater Suite for Radio & Turntable C60
SOP 177 Sound Theater Posters in the Underground C60
SOP 178 Sound Theater Voice of America - An Industrial Opera C60
SOP 179 Ron Anderson Happy New Year C60
SOP 180 A. Bohman / D. Prescott Whispering Wendy C60
SOP 181 John Hudak Think C60
SOP 183 LaDonna Smith & J. Morgan Laboratory Affair C60
SOP 184 Disism No Stairs C90
SOP 185 Conrad Schnitzler & Gen Ken Montgomery Gen Con Live C90
SOP 186 Gen Ken Montomery Beat Musik C60
SOP 187 Swine Is Mental Date With A Meathook C90
SOP 188 Regicide Bureau Reignfall C90
SOP 189 Malok As Stupid As God C90
SOP 190 Bwana Frolic & Friends C60
SOP 191 Un-Film Fear Factory C60
SOP 192 Frozeninamber Emotional Music - Worms In Your Heart C60
SOP 193 Die Rache 7 C60
SOP 194 Allegory Chapel Trip C60
SOP 195 Jake Berry Protonon C60
SOP 196 As If (Squared), Bwana Tu C60
SOP 197 If, Bwana (Al Margolis) Horns And Hardart C60
SOP 198 D. Clark / W. Drake Somnolent Walks C60
SOP 199 Hands To Mose Wreck C60
SOP 200 Thick Slimy Whisper Easy Listening For Afternoon Tea C60
SOP 201 Null Set Radio Zero C60
SOP 202 Dan Joseph No. 3 - 1988 C60
SOP 203 PM Spaceshot C60
SOP 204 Minoyzannoy Condoms Or Corpses? C60
SOP 205 Disco Splendor We Shit Art C60
SOP 206 Jazz & Get Fat Improbable Resolutions For The Phantom Of Cordelia C60
SOP 207 Jazz & Get Fat My Tragic Little Cat In The Great Dog's Mouth C60
SOP 208 Minoy Awake C60
SOP 209 Minoy The Tyranny Of Distance C60
SOP 210 Minoy Physical Radio C60
SOP 211 Minoy Eternity Now! C60
SOP 212 Minoy The Art Of Egyptian Bathing C60
SOP 213 Minoy Ejaculations C60
SOP 214 Minoy The Conditions Of Post Modern Male Bonding C60
SOP 215 The Velvet Swines Lambs' Tongues In Fruit Loops C90
SOP 216 Chuck / Slim Saxman C60
SOP 217 Joseph Nechvatal Reckless C30
SOP 218 P.S.Bingo / Pinetones Lemon Fresh / Thisness C60
SOP 219 Domaine Poetique There and Then C60
SOP 220 If, Bwana (Al Margolis) Cache La Poudre C90
SOP 221 XTSW Tunnel C90
SOP 222 Fruit Bat Savvy C60
SOP 223 Illusion Of Safety Repairs C60
SOP 224 Jim O'Rourke Some Kind Of Pagan C60
SOP 225 Relentless Uninhibited C60
SOP 226 Theatre Of Ice / The Worry Beads / Orphans & Widows, etc. Cries In The Nite (compilation) C60
SOP 227 Tom Furgas Six Quintets C60
SOP 228 i Your Head's On Backwards C45
SOP 229 Treble King Jane Morgan C30
SOP 231 Nomuzic Filaments Fading C90
SOP 232 Clank Klank C90
SOP 235 Stanlow Crickets Invisibility Zoo C30
SOP 236 John Hudak Wind Rain & Cloud To Human Being C60
SOP 237 Blowhole / Big Joey C60
SOP 238 Swinebolt 45 Jeering At Shamen C60
SOP 239 Deathranch A Prisoner C60
SOP 240 Northern Machine The Sleeper Dislodged C60
SOP 241 Copeland / Leckey / Edwards / Marriott An Introduction In Frost C30
SOP 242 Solmania / Merzbow / Agencement / S. Core / PCCBHS / The Hantarash, etc. Lapse From Virtue (Japanese Compilation) C60
SOP 243 The Miracle Dingsters At Break Of Dong C60
SOP 244 Richard Franecki The Celler C60
SOP 245 PHBTK Verfall C60
SOP 246 Dave Prescott Red Shift 5 C90
SOP 247 Dreamachine C60
SOP 248 Nihilist Surfin Group Howling At The Sun C46 SOP 249 X-Ray Pop Rabelais C60
SOP 250 Michael Horwood Voices New and Old C60
SOP 251 Allegory Chapel Ltd. Confirmation C60
SOP 252 Stephen Buchanan Improvisations for Classical Guitar C60
SOP 253 Mars Everywhere Live & Unrehearsed C90
SOP 254 Patience Worth You're Only Awake C60
SOP 255 Cephalic Index Incongruence C60
SOP 256 Rob Lippert Worth of it All C60
SOP 257 J. Hurwitz Emutated C60
SOP 258 Frozeninamber Moonfish/Party Forever C60
SOP 259 Famlende Forsok Herring Tales C60
SOP 260 Holiday Slides Suck Your Wife's Big Dick C60
SOP 261 Gregorian George Aluminum Childhood C60
SOP 264 Harry Plourde Music For A Small World C60
SOP 265 Harry Plourde Hidden Places C60
SOP 266 Seemen New Swing Set C60
SOP 267 Ustad Oni Cave Paintings C45
SOP 268 Summer Assault Char-Broiled (J.Morgan & Co. live in Czechloslovakia) C60
SOP 269 Alien Planetscapes Celestial Dance Hits C60
SOP 270 David Prescott Concentration / Combination C60
SOP 271 Northern California Is a Noisy Place Indeed, Vol.2 w./ Disism, Eric Muhs, Frozeninamber, 50-Hay-50, Allegory Chapel, Iao Core, etc. C60
SOP 273 Joseph Nechvatal Purge (One Continuous Loop) C15 SOP 275 Patience Is A Virtue (Chicago compilation) Illusion of Safety, Proof of Utah, Jim O'Rourke, Liof Munimulla, Cheer Accident, Scott Marshall, etc. C60
SOP 276 Herd of the Ether Space Kumquat Over Again C90
SOP 277 Joseph Nechvatal German Future - European Plan C30
SOP 278 Sponge Hole In The Sponge C90
SOP 279 Sebastian Gandera Facio Rictus C60
SOP 280 Jeffrey Morgan The Closet Tapes C60
SOP 281 Jeffrey Morgan Rogue Ministry Ninja Voodoo C60
SOP 282 Jeffrey Morgan Big Turtle C60
SOP 283 Colorado Cassette Culture Compilation City of Worms, Architects Office, Little Fyodor, Madison County Sound Labs, Hands To, etc. C60
SOP 284 Square Sun C60
SOP 285 Platos Loafers on the Davenport Hubris / ThePerfect Friend C90
SOP 286 Phinney / McGee Maneuvers C60
SOP 287 Lab Rat Dance Like A Pig C60
SOP 288 Merz Big Band Theory C60
SOP 289 GnG Musical Fraction Of GnG C60
SOP 290 Henryk Brodaty Live Concert For A Working Family C90
SOP 291 Noisy Clouds C60
SOP 292 City Limits C60
SOP 293 A. Bohman / If, Bwana (Al Margolis) Picassos Chicken C60
SOP 294 Mark Dery In Mute Nostril Agony C60
SOP 296 Ringing Rocks Emsemble / Sound of Pig Warmed Up Band C90
SOP 297 Jeffrey Morgan Art Tantrum - Solo Piano Improvisations Vol. 1 C60
SOP 298 Jeffrey Morgan 2 Dudes / Sub Dude / Ninja Voodoo C60
SOP 299 Richard Franecki Invisible Image C60
SOP 300 Goldberg / Margolis / Prescott GMP C60
SOP 301 Stefano Barban Audiofonie C60

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(Video) P. Children - P.Ch1 - Cassette (Sound Of Pig 1987)
(Video) Nihilist Surfin' Group - Music For The New Yorker - Cassette (Sound Of Pig 1988)


1. Korn - Freak On a Leash (Official HD Video)
2. Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
3. WILD PIGS & HORSES "God's Bikini" (cassette, Urbazona Trotorock, Yugoslavia, 1996)
4. Pink Pig - View of the Sea (Sounds Of The Stars Recordings) #emotional #trance
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5. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Remastered)
6. 1 Pigs On The Wing 1
(Олег Meclavan)
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